A new toy in the DD toy box


Durham-Duplex are delighted with their new Durma Fibre Laser which replaces the old PRC O2 laser after many years of faithful service.  The compact nature of the Durma fits well into the new location at Walmsley Works alongside the sheet steel stocks.

Graham Brown,  DD’s laser operator, said  “This is a big development  as the Durma is a very capable machine which will allow us to cut all the parts required much quicker.  The software is very straight forward to use and the ability to choose between NO2 and O2 means I can match the gas to the cut required easily.”

Factory Manager John Bailey Added “This enhances our in house capabilities hugely and the compact nature of the Machine means it  fits in well within our factory footprint.  I am delighted with how quickly it is up and running and look forward to the beneficial effect it will have on our lead times. ”



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