Durham-Duplex and the EU Referendum

June 28, 2016

The result of the EU Referendum conducted on 23rd June 2016 is now known and the UK Electorate have voted to leave the European Union.  However, although voting was a simple matter of placing a cross in a box the actual withdrawal will be a complex process as UK negotiates its relationship with our neighbours in Europe.  In the meantime business goes on and as Durham-Duplex did prepare itself for both potential outcomes in the referendum we are ready for its challenges.  So our skilled engineers will still be manufacturing machine knives and industrial blades here in the Sheffield factories and the sales team look forward to continuing to trade globally with our customers in UK, EU and beyond.  UK has only voted to leave the EU not to disengage from global trade.  If you have any queries or would like us to give you a quotation for your product requirements please do contact us at sales@durham-duplex.co.uk for UK based enquiries or at export@durham-duplex.com for International enquiries.