EU/UK Trade Deal – trading into 2021 through DD(EU)

January 5, 2021


Firstly – Happy New Year. I hope you have been able to enjoy the Christmas holiday and have started 2021 in good health!

As you will know the UK has agreed a trade and cooperation deal with The European Union which details how UK will trade into the Single Market from 1st January 2021

Part of the deal is that there will be no tariffs on Durham-Duplex’s products entering the Single Market, although goods will be subject to normal customs process on entry to the EU Single Market.  Durham-Duplex has a wide experience of the import/export procedures in both EU and UK having traded globally for over 100 years but we understand that not every company has such experience operating outside the Single Market so this might be a concern.

Durham Duplex has planned for most BREXIT outcomes since the referendum in 2016 and the agreement falls within our expectations.  The Company has prepared carefully  and we are looking forward to continuing business across the whole World and especially with our friends and customers in the EU. The new agreement means that whilst trade on UK manufactured products between the UK and the EU will continue to be duty-free  the requirement for all imports and exports to be formally declared will increase the amount of Customs paperwork and has VAT implications..

If you would prefer not to deal with Customs paperwork then Durham-Duplex has the option for you to order from Durham Duplex (Europe) SPRL/BVBA, known as DD(EU), which has been operating in Brussels since 2018 handling all our European Accutec Blades business. DD(EU) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Durham Duplex that operates under Belgian Law as a Belgian Company within the Single Market making it particularly attractive to customers operating exclusively in Euro’s within the Single Market.

For those customers used to doing customs clearances then the option to import direct from UK remains available and this will be under 0% tariffs for EU sales on UK manufactured goods.

Durham Duplex look forward to continuing to work with EU as before and if you have any questions, please contact the EU sales team at either or

Thank you