Healthy and Safety Day 3rd July 2017

Durham-Duplex takes H&S seriously and so took a full day to refresh the whole workforce on general H&S matters, like PPE and Duty of care, plus ensured everyone was up to date on what to do in case of fire and basic life saving first aid including the use of the Company Defibrillators.  It was also an opportunity to get a photo of the Company with the trainers after a very useful and productive day.

As it was an all day event the Directors also ensured everyone was well fed to maintain attention.  It should be noted that not only were Fish and Chips provided but the “Healthy” side of the event was reinforced by oodles of fruit being available as well.

Finally, a secret of our success can now be shared.  Durham-Duplex is not only a Family orientated Company that has mastered the manufacture of industrial blades and machine knives but it is a Company that has also developed cloning.  The following photograph of UK sales Team’s Rob Nell and his brood proves that not only Gru from “Despicable Me” has Minions!



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