The Master Cutler’s Challenge 2023- 6th July 2023

Durham-Duplex answered Dame Julie Kenny’s, the Master Cutler, challenge to support her chosen charity The Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust.  The Trust is committed to raising significant sums to support its ambitious community and educational programmes, where campaigns and fundraising are key to enable this.  The money raised will be used towards a number of targeted programmes at Wentworth Woodhouse including educational projects, community engagement activities, well-being programmes and cultural experiences.  This goal will be focused on groups who are often not presented with the same opportunities as others, including people with disabilities, low income households, the socially and economically disadvantaged and ethnic groups.

This “changing lives” initiative was supported by a team from Durham-Duplex staff who did a 23 mile extended Edale loop taking in Mam Tor, Win Hill, Lose Hill. the Edale skyline, Kinder Scout, the Edale Cross, Mount Famine and River Sett starting and finishing at Hope on 6th July 2023

This is the route the took using OS MAPS ONLINE

The countryside is stunning.

There is a Just giving page if you would like to sponsor the team at   and all donations to a worthy cause will be gratefully received.

Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause.

Bake Sale for the Master Cutler’s Challenge

The Accounts team have taken charge of Durham-Duplex’s contribution to the Master Cutler’s Challenge in support of Cavendish Cancer Care a Cancer Charity based in Sheffield supporting those affected by cancer.

Event 1 was a cake sale with offerings from Slutty Brownies to Lemon drizzle and Biscoff buns to Cookies which were all delicious and raised £125.

Event 2 was UK sales, Event 3 was Dispatch and Petre Street factory and Event 4 was the Export team.  Finally the production team did their bit and to date over £510 has been raised so well done Team!

We obviously like cake in DD.


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